Shorter Fuse, Bigger Bang by Robert Faires, Austin Chronicle

Free & Fabulous: Fusebox Festival Promotes Idea Exchange Across Disciplines and Borders by Claire Christine Spera, Art & Culture Texas Magazine

Austin’s Fusebox Festival serves up edgy, original performances by Jeanne Claire van Ryzin, Austin-American Statesman

“Fusebox is breaking out a pretty grand lineup” … “this lively interdisciplinary mix is worth the trek.”
– Claudia La Rocco, The New York Times
“America’s most electric and engaged destination festivals happen in New York City (Under the Radar), Portland (TBA), and Austin (Fusebox).”
– Brendan Kiley, Arts Editor , The Stranger (Seattle)


“Fusebox is a multitrack performance festival worthy of being ranked with the best in the world.”
– Wayne Alan Brenner, Austin Chronicle
“The Fusebox Festival is the epitome of cool…a breathtaking roster of international artists.”
– Jeanne Claire van Ryzin, Austin American Statesman 
“I am of the firm belief that Ron Berry can do anything…His highest achievement, however, might be the Fusebox Festival, which combines theater, dance, art, film and other forms in what some critics have called the most provocative such festival in the country”
– Michael Barnes, Austin American-Statesman
“But Berry’s crowning achievement may be the Fusebox Festival…each project has its own strange spark that attracts and fascinates, if only by making you wonder how the devil someone ever thought of such a thing. Put all these sparks together, and you have a charge that’s almost irresistible, not just to audiences but also to artists, bringing them together and establishing – at the risk of overloading the old electricity metaphor here – a current that flows throughout all disciplines to generate new kinds of power and light.”
– Robert Faires, The Austin Chronicle
“They fill a vital role locally, nationally, and internationally and position Austin as a leading innovator for contemporary performing arts.”
– Philip Bither, Senior Curator of Performing Arts Walker Art Center
“To me, Fusebox is about sparking conversations and cross-pollinations. We live in an era of specialization. It is so easy in this world to surround yourself with people who are just like you – who share the same tastes and talents and biases. Fusebox is about stepping out of these self-created bubbles for a few days.”
– best selling author Dan Heath

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