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[Chernobyl - so far so close

Feb 8-10, 2019

Rollins Theatre

A filmic portrait about two people, living in a ghost town.

A story about solitude and survival, the results of a failed atomic experiment.


1986. About 90 towns and villages around Pripyat are evacuated.

The failure of an atomic experiment causes a drastic change in the lives of the locals. They leave their houses never to return.

Pétro and Nadia, a married couple of 60-year-olds who were born and raised in Zvizdal, refuse to be evacuated. 

They prefer to stay put in their old village, in their own house. A ghost town. All their acquaintances have left, their plundered houses bear witness to better days. Petrified places, overgrown by nature.

Between 2011 and 2016 Berlin follows Pétro and Nadia in an effort to portray the evolution of their story over the years. How does one bear years of isolation? There is the lack of electricity, of running water and heating.

There are the superstitions, there is the vodka, the muttering, the cursing and praying and singing, the toothaches, the ailments of old age, the 20-km walk to the nearest shop, the wait for someone from civilization.

Part documentary film, part diorama-installation, Belgium-based company Berlin's Zvizdal follows a married couple living in solitude ever since their town was evacuated by the nearby Chernobyl disaster. The multi-media performance offers an intimate portrait of hope and love between two survivors surrounded by invisible but omnipresent radiation.