• Field Guide, Fusebox 2016

  • The Cold Record, Fusebox 2018

  • Grageriart, Fusebox 2018


Based in Austin, TX, Rude Mechs is a collective that creates genre-averse theatrical productions characterized by big ideas, cheap laughs, and dizzying spectacle. What these works hold in common is the use of play to make performance, the use of theaters as meeting places for audiences and artists, and the use of humor as a tool for intellectual investigation. They tour these performances nationally and abroad; manage The Off Center, a performance venue in Austin for arts groups of every discipline; host a lending library of free scenic materials; and conduct outreach in performance and writing for teenagers.

Their work wouldn’t exist without the generative contribution of every artist in the room. As they create new works for adventurous theatre-goers, they seek to demystify the art-making process, and work hard to foster real communication with and responsiveness to their patrons by holding workshops, talkbacks and open rehearsals along the way.