Rino Pizzi is a photographer and collaborative artist with a diverse and eclectic background. A native of Italy, Pizzi received a degree in Political Science from the University of Messina, an MA in Film Studies from the University of Texas at Austin, and almost completed a Ph.D in the same field of studies. In recent years his work has focused primarily on developing projects that are based on his photographic portraiture. Object of Affection was published in 2009, followed by The Mona Lisa Project, that was exhibited at the Austin Museum of Art and the Grand Rapids Art Museum in 2011, and at the People’s Gallery (City of Austin) in 2012. His current project, transFIGURATION is a collaboration with 12 visual artists that includes a series of performances and happenings at the Fusebox Festival 2013, when the artists will destroy their photographic portraits, and a second stage where they will restore them and prepare them for a group exhibition.