Matt Steinke’s dense, funny, haunting installations and performances feature everything from animatronic puppetry and meticulous animation to interactive homemade robotic sound apparatuses. Each piece offers an incomplete glimpse into an evocative, elegant, claustrophobic cosmos.
-Bert Stabler

Matthew Steinke is a robotic musician. He creates electronic compositions performed by mechanized acoustic instruments. His current work coaxes musical narratives from found objects that have been repurposed into these hand-crafted devices.

His installations and performances have been presented in museums, galleries, and festivals across the U.S. He holds a MFA in Art and Technology Studies from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In the 90s, as a member of the Northwest noise-punk bands Mocket, Satisfact, and Octant, he made over a dozen records and toured extensively. Currently residing in Austin, Texas, Steinke divides his time between music composition, performance, installation, acoustic research, and experimental musical instrument design.