It's not membership --  it's ADVENTURESHIP!


Adventureship is more than a membership program, it’s a way to personally connect with Fusebox artists, explore our city, and discuss new trends and ideas in the world of contemporary performing arts.


By joining the Adventureship club you have access to quarterly events that explore fun, unusual places in Austin--ranging from new restaurants and bars, to unique homes and gardens, to strange, wonderful sites that remain largely off the beaten path. Each of these field trips are paired with an intimate conversation with an artist that we love, creating multiple opportunities throughout the year to connect in a tangible way with some of the leading performing artists in Austin and the world.


In addition to these quarterly events, there are many other fabulous perks including early bird access to all festival performances, and we offer Fusebox concierge services for when you’re traveling abroad for INTREPIDOR LEVEL members. For a full list of perks  FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW.







What do my Adventureship funds go toward? 


100% of Adventureship support goes to paying artists directly. Simple. Straightforward. And powerful. This vital group of supporters ensures that our artists are paid fairly (something we prioritize), while also helping to bring their work to thousands of people here in our community.


Thank you for your support, and for joining us for the next Adventure!

Photo Credit: Christopher Shea

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