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Fusebox is a global hub for the study, commissioning, and presentation of contemporary live performance. Our programs bring unique artistic projects to thousands of people in Central Texas; provide support and resources to artists; and address vital civic issues at the center of contemporary life. Through our pioneering initiative Free Range Art, the Fusebox Festival is 100% free to attend. Our aim is to make new and adventurous art accessible to all.


Here's what that looks like:

We produce an annual contemporary art + performance festival that takes place in April each year. The festival springs to life in over 20 different venues and sites around the city and features artists from all over the world. READ MORE

We produce an online platform featuring writings, interviews, art works, and a podcast featuring local, national, and international artists, colleagues, and community leaders. READ MORE

We work directly with community members and a variety of cross-sector partners to create unique, out-of-the box approaches to some of the most pressing issues facing us as a city. READ MORE

We champion adventurous artists working across a variety of different art forms. These are artists who are challenging us, pushing us, entertaining us, and helping us re-imagine what's possible. READ MORE

We produce an ongoing series of performances, talks, and events throughout the year featuring local, national, and international artists. READ MORE

We provide direct resources to artists including: affordable space, funding, training, and consultation.We also work with government officials, business leaders, and organizations to advocate for artists. READ MORE

Core Values

Core Values


We explore creative approaches to the most vital issues facing our communities.


We champion adventurous artists and projects that show us new possibilities.

Cross Pollination
Cross Pollination

We actively encourage the exchange of ideas across different forms and geography.


We offer hands-on trainings, workshops, talks, one-on-one consulting, and classes.

Resources for Artists
Resources for Artists

We provide resources, equipment, space, advocacy, and funding for artists.


We foster unique partnerships between artists, orgs, businesses, and government.


Ron Berry
Executive & Co-Artistic Director

Anna Gallagher-Ross
Co-Artistic Director

Jessika Malone
Producing Director

Betelhem Makonnen

Carra Martinez

Director, Live in America 


Chris Conard

Technical Coordinator


Christine Pasculado

Office Administrator



Erin Parr

Volunteer Coordinator



Board of Directors

Michu Benaim Steiner

Ashley Cheng

Brooke Churchill

Sarah Collins

Maddie Duhon

Brady Dyer

Angie Emmett

Douglas Ferguson

Dave Floyd

Deborah Green

Ish Kundawala

Elizabeth McQueen

Fiore Tedesco

Christine Lee

Chris Mattsson

Adriene Mishler

Chris Pantoja

David Shifrin

Jacob Villanueva

Carol Wagner

Lisa Woods