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Corey Dargel's Ok It's Not Ok

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“the prince of post classical song…one of contemporary music’s brightest lights” -Time Out New York

“a baroquely unclassifiable” composer of “ingenious nouveau art songs” -The New Yorker

“a wonderfully difficult artist to define” -Minnesota Public Radio

Dargel is a classically trained composer who unabashedly embraces his identity as a singer/songwriter. His singing voice is pure-toned and close-mic’ed. His instrumentation embraces classical, rock, and pop idioms, with violin, electric guitar, drum machines, and synthesizers.

Dargel’s lyrics are as carefully crafted as his music. Multiple layers of word games, unexpected rhymes, and double entendre merge with quirky rhythms and complex grooves that mimic natural speech patterns. Unpredictable melodic twists and turns blend seamlessly with Dargel’s earnest, conversational disposition.

Dargel is known for tackling emotionally complicated subjects in a way that makes them surprisingly relatable. OK It’s Not OK deals with the complimentary themes of depression and composure.

Corey Dargel – vocals and drum machines
Cornelius Dufallo – violin and digital looping
James Moore – electric and acoustic guitars
Eleonore Oppenheim – bass guitar
Wil Smith – keyboards

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