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Twas the night before Fusebox, and holy hell you should have been there.

I’m safely home, still basking in the spasmodic afterglow of the cornucopia of sensual experiences that was Fusebox Eve. First off the location was just around the corner from the ThinkEAST project. This property was a literal playground of unexpected curiosities. Think Alice in Wonderland set in Austin. Chandeliers hanging from trees. Friendly cats patrolling the grounds. A claw foot tub outside with cow skulls and candles. Statues and found art objects in every nook. Tiny houses and Airstreams, huts and pagodas. A lounge in a school bus and on and on. I could spend a week there with a camera and never get bored or see it all.

IMG_9941There were drink stations here and there each slinging differing and delightful concoctions. I had gin and liked it, which has never happened before. There was a spicy something that must have had a hole in it, because it disappeared far too quickly. Then I discovered a Jim Beam lemonade that seriously tasted like home. I stopped sampling after that. When you find what works, stick with it.

By a trick of luck Wayne Alan Brenner was my dinner companion and we had a great conversation about life and art, graphic novels and arachnids. We ended up front and center for the presentations about Fusebox, the incredible partners who helped put the evening together and/or the artists who were presenting at the festival. We found out our other table mates had designed the floral arrangements which were as lovely and unusual as the property. In hind sight, my guess is we would have preferred a spot a little farther from the stage area, if only so we could enjoy our conversation and the occasional comfortable silence away from the spotlight.

It was a three course meal and each course blended tastes expected and unexpected into the kind of meal where there’s a lot of moaning, closed eyes, and scraping of plates. The sesame on the smoked tallow cured bass was wonderful. The pickled sweet peppers were a perfect accent to the hayashi rice and barbecue beef rib and then the potato salad under the smoke prime rib was everything.

I chatted with the blogger crew a bit before sneaking off, but before I left I snagged a few artisan chocolates from the greenhouse where the silent auction was wrapping up along with the evening. I popped one in my mouth and actually stumbled it was so good. A hard outer shell with a soft center that bamboozled me for a second. You know when you taste a thing and you know it’s a perfect blend of like seven different flavors, but your brain chooses to curl your toes a bit and roll your eyes into the back of your head instead of trying to analyze the layers. It was that… and I still had another one to eat. I thought about taking it home to my wife, but god forgive me I ate it on the way to the car. I’ll leave her a note on the fridge about it maybe or, you know, we could just keep this between us.

If Fusebox Eve is any indication of how this year’s festival is going to be you better buckle up. It’s going to be bumpy and beautiful. As always I’ll see you out there.

-Aaron Sanders

Written by Timothy Braun

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