We are in the early stages of launching a new series investigating the intersection of art, culture, and technology. We felt it was becoming increasingly difficult to have a dialogue about contemporary culture without dealing with technology in some shape or form and wanted to create a specific space for this conversation. And by technology, we are talking about both emergent technologies and their infinite possibilities, as well the simple, mundane, ubiquitous tools and programs we use daily without blinking an eye. The Fusebox series will explore these promising new technologies and the fresh thinking they inspire, but will also hold up a lens to our expanding, often very intimate relationship with technology and really take a look. What are the numerous implications? Are there certain ideas, systems, and methodologies that are playing out in the technology world that we can apply to other social, economic, and political structures? Can this particular series allow us to engage with new populations, organizations, and ideas in meaningful new ways? Stay tuned!

Art and Tech Projects