About Fusebox

Fusebox champions adventurous works of art across a variety of different mediums. Our primary focus is an annual hybrid art festival that takes place in Austin, Texas each April. The 2014 dates are April 16-27.

Fusebox is a 501(c)3 non-profit.

Core Values

CONVERSATION Creating new avenues of conversation.

EXPLORATION Presenting contemporary works and programs that challenge, re-invent and push us forward.

EDUCATION Furthering our understanding of the contemporary arts through a series of dynamic panel discussions, brunches, informal chats, writings, interviews and intensive workshops led by master instructors.

ARTIST SUPPORT Providing resources, equipment, and money for the creation of new works and improved sustainability/quality of life for artists.

COLLABORATION Establishing new creative partnerships between artists, organizations, and business.


Fusebox is an idea engine. A space where artists and audiences can take risks, ask questions, break rules, blur boundaries, and explore ideas together. It is a platform for visionary works, unabashed play, and new ways of engaging with our world.


2023 E. Cesar Chavez
Austin, TX 78702

Office: 512-800-3066


Ron Berry (Executive & Artistic Director): ron@fuseboxfestival.com
Natalie George (Producing Director): natalie@fuseboxfestival.com
Brad Carlin (Managing Director): brad@fuseboxfestival.com
Kim Turner (Associate Producer): kim@fuseboxfestival.com
Volunteer Information: volunteer@fuseboxfestival.com
Hank Cathey (Culinary Arts Coordinator): hank@fuseboxfestival.com
Timothy Braun (Editor-In-Chief of New and Social Media) timothy@fuseboxfestival.com


Festival Production Manager – Taylor Kulhanek
Late Night Production Manager – Elle Mahoney
Culinary Arts Coordinator: Hank Cathey
Technical Director: Ben Schave
Assistant to the Producer: Tayler Milburn
Technical Advisor: K. Eliot Haynes
Volunteer Coordinator: Dani Pruitt
Artist Hospitality: Elizabeth Doss
Festival Interns: Ellie Julier, Jessica Jones, Kathleen Grotzinger, John Byrd
Editor and Chief of New and Social Media: Timothy Braun
Box Office Manager: Michelle Keffer
Production Coordinators: Sam Webber, Jeff Mills
Venue Managers: Bern Klinke, Patti Neff
Venue Staff: Jennifer Rogers, David Higgins, Dax Taruc, Kris Carpenter, Kenny Gall, George Marsolek
Graphic Designers: Nicholas Miller, Philip Reeder

Box Office inquires: Boxoffice@fuseboxfestival.com


Amy Holloway, Chair
Kevin Collins
Brent Hasty
Ron Berry
Marcy Hoen
Benjamin Serrato
David Landry
Jordan Dolman
Sarah Collins
Joe Randel
Elaine I-Ling Shen