Frito Pie Tour

This is a free event. Reservations not required.

Ever since the salty corny treat known as Fritos came down from the heavens, Texans have been covering them in chili, cheese, and onions to create Frito Pie. With a fiery desire to share this Texas delicacy with our friends from around the world, Hank Cathey and Natalie George lead a bold and hungry team to taste the many Frito Pies of Austin. While asking the tough questions like beans or no beans, boat or bag, and sour cream, yea or nay, we sampled pies on both sides of I-35 and these stops made our list. Truth is, there are more delicious Frito Pies in town than we could point out, so this list isn’t just the best, it’s a tour of the different styles our city offers. Feel free to visit these fine establishments any time, but we hope you’ll join the Fusebox crew for these social feasts.

Friday, April 18, 1p: Shady Grove
Shady Grove is another Austin classic. Tucked underneath a old pecan grove for 20+ years, Shady Grove provides platters of Texas comfort food (think queso, fried catfish, and enchiladas) with cold beer and live music. Natalie likes the classic in-the-bag Frito Pie, while Hank prefers their chili on top of the monster hotdog. You do what you gotta do.

Saturday, April 19, 4-7p: Whip-In
Whip-in’s Frito Pie has a unique Indian twist, they have one of Austin’s most extensive beer selections, and many other delicious options, including plenty of vegetarian/vegan dishes. Try the Whip-Indianized nachos!

Monday, April 21, 6p: Spider House Cafe
Spider House serves one of Austin’s best-known frito pies with lots of outdoor seating, cheap drinks, and a veggie chili that satisfies the most carnivorous of beasts.

Wednesday, April 23, 5p: Texas Chili Parlor
This is the mothership of all things chili, including Frito Pie. The Chili Parlor features a classic Texas red with stewed chunks of beef, no beans, and three levels of heat (we recommend the XX), but they also have vegetarian chili and lots of other classic Texas dishes. Hank says: for a very Chili Parlor experience, sip on a shot of Chartreuse with your Frito Pie.

Friday, April 25, 10p: Live Oak
Join us at the HUB for one of our favorite Frito Pies! Live Oak covers everyones favorite corn chip with chopped barbecue made from all of their meats. It’s rich, a little sweet, and full of tender meat; what’s not to love? Eat two!

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