Welcome to the 2014 Fusebox Festival! This year's festival features 12 days of programming with 50+ events in 20+ different sites around the city. Fusebox is part performance festival, part film festival, part music and visual art festival, part culinary and social event, part public art project, and everything in between. The colliding and encountering of different ideas, perspectives, forms, etc., is central to our understanding of creativity and plays an important role in how we shape the festival each year.

Planning Your Festival Experience

In celebration of our 10th Anniversary, the 2014 festival will be free to attend. Once registered, you may reserve seats ahead of time or take your chances at the door (a small percentage of seats for each event will only be available at the door for walk-ups, so there will always be some inventory at each venue). The public may begin making advance reservations beginning in mid-February. We will send out emails and notifications on social media, so keep your ears open.

Navigating the Site

The easiest way to navigate the schedule is to use the gray calendar bar below to sort events by date, or use the "search" function to locate specific events. Alternatively, you can explore the schedule by:

2014 fusebox festival offerings

Wednesday April 16

Thursday April 17

Friday April 18

Saturday April 19

Sunday April 20

Monday April 21

Tuesday April 22

Wednesday April 23

Thursday April 24

Friday April 25

Saturday April 26

Sunday April 27