No More Nomads

Reservations available to the general public from Feb 16.

No More Nomads will serve as an homage to the heights of nomadic culture and it’s new found digital decline. Mark Southerland’s most recent offering in the Noise Camp series will once again push the boundaries of hybrid art. No More Nomads will dramatically combine Flamenco, sculptural installation, experimental music and movement, and live video remediation. It will be a unique marriage of tradition and innovation, bringing balance to Southerland’s brand of maximalism.

No More Nomads is a contemporary passion play. It explores the stories we have already lost in the digital age, and the stories we think we know because we have already read them online.

Mark Southerland has used the saxophone as a medium for exploring sound and performance for over 25 years. By reinterpreting the assumed stage presence of a jazz musician, Southerland’s work has run the gamut of pop culture and Rahsaan Roland Kirk tributaries, to wearable horn sculptures and nomadic tent installations. His reinvention of brass and woodwind instruments, cir- cuit-bent electronic children’s toys, and eight track “scratching” turn his stage work into an Alexander Caulder-esque circus of visual and sound possibilities.

A Kansas City native, Mark Southerland has played locally, nationally, and throughout Europe for over ten years. He has produced several major performance installation pieces working with an impressive list of collaborators including – Brian Hass, Arrington De Dionyso, and Jane Gotch.

Co-Presented with Church of the Friendly Ghost

Featured performers and contributing artists:

Zhanna Saparova
Beau Bledsoe
Laura Frank
Matt Tady
Abbe Findley
Emily Moore
Doug Curtis
Jori Sackin
Hadley Johnson
Peregrine Honig
Ashley Miller
Shawn Hansen
Special guest –
Arrington De Dionyso

Information on key collaborators:

Hadley Anne Johnson – Garment Design/Fabricator

  • Recent graduate Parsons Paris – designer of the year class of 2010
  • Shows collections internationally and has established her own store in KC

Peregrine Honig – Artistic Director

  • Recent Art OMI Fellow and “Work of Art” semi-finalist
  • Collected by Fogg Art Museum, Whitney, Yale, Albright-Knox

Laura Frank – Movement Director/Performer

  • Studied at Odin Theater in Denmark under Roberta Carreri,
  • DAH Theatre of Belgrade, and NaCl Theatre of New York

Beau Bledsoe – Composer/Performer

  • Internationally known flamenco and classical guitarist
  • Founding member of Bach Aria Soloists, Alaturka, Flamenco Mio

Matt Tady – Sculptor/Fabricator/Performer

  • Artisan leather craft and woodworker
  • Performs regionally with the Cosmic Tady Brothers

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